1 Day Workshop For Dog Owners

Learn How To Groom Your Own Dog

Under the close supervision of a grooming expert!

Bring your own dog to this fun workshop in Cairns. 

Jill always has specialist scissor sets for sale in the salon. She will teach you how to identify each scissor type and show you how to use each pair correctly.  Good scissoring is the key to a fantastic, professional-looking groom.

You will need to wash and dry your dog the night before you come, as we can’t cut and style unwashed hair.

The workshop is $280 inc. GST and is 5 hours long

In Only 5 Hours, Jill Will Teach You:

Trim your dog’s nails even if they are black

Keep your dog still whilst you are grooming

Check and clean your dog’s eyes and ears

Select the correct type of brush to suit your dog’s unique coat type

Comb out all knots and undercoat and prepare your dog for clipping

How to safely clip all the delicate areas of your dog, such as the groin area and underarms

Use clippers to cut your dog’s coat and choose the hair length you love

Clean hair out of the paw pads safely, so your dog doesn’t slip on your shiny floors

Use 5 different types of scissors and choose the correct ones for the job

Shape your dog’s face, ears, paws and tail to make him/her look super cute

How to accentuate your dogs eyebrows and eyelashes to make his/her eyes look gorgeous

And Much Much More!


Who This Course Is For

Dog Owners who want to know how to groom their own precious fur baby safely and correctly.

Dog Lovers who are interested in becoming a professional groomer and want to get a low-cost, ‘sneak peak’ at what’s involved.

Next Course Dates

Cairns 2024

Usually run on a Saturday from 9.30am to 2pm.

Max. 2 people. Call, text or fill in the box below if you want to attend.  Tell me the date you'd like.

Please Call Jill 0427 504 288


Sorry, but due to lack of interest, the 1-day workshop in Brisbane is no longer available. 

The 4-day Course dates are above. 

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