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Learn How To Groom Your Dog Online

Learn How To Groom Your Dog Online

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Do you know that your fur baby’s health depends on good grooming? Do you want to know how to check your dog’s health and condition?

If your answer is YES, than you are in the right place!

It absolutely breaks my heart when I see dogs suffering unnecessarily because their owner doesn’t realise the health implications of not attending to simple, daily grooming checks.

Let me explain and help you understand…

A dog’s skin and hair are indicators of other underlying problems. After all, we all know that a dog with a beautiful glossy coat, bright eyes, clean ears and lots of energy is a healthy happy dog.

So What Things Can We Check For To Make Sure All Is Well?

Overgrown Nails

If your dog’s nails are too long, they can cause the toes to twist.  This is very painful for the dog and if left too long, can permanently damage the toes. Arthritis can set in, resulting in your dog being unable to walk properly.

Matted Hair

If your dog’s hair is matted, the individual hairs become ‘dreadlocked’ and the coat can no longer be brushed or combed.  The matted hair gets tighter and tighter until the dog is ‘cocooned’ in its own coat. The hair pulls on the skin causing pain and eventually bruising and tearing of the skin.

Hair In The Dog’s Eyes

Hair irritates the eyes, causing excessive discharge.  The hair can eventually grow over the eyes and can damage the eye itself.  The hair also becomes stained and unsightly.  If the goopy discharge dries hard, it can tear the delicate skin around the eye.

Knotted Hair in and Around the Ears

When the ear hair becomes matted, it can tear the skin around the ears.  Worse still, excessive hair growth inside the ear canal stops air flow into the ear and results in yeast infections.  Infected ears are painful and if left unattended will result in your precious pooch going deaf.

Rotten Teeth

Learn how to check your dog’s teeth daily and recognise when there is a problem. Rotten teeth causes pain, bad breath, lost teeth and worst of all can damage your dog’s jaw bone.

What You Will Learn

Clean your dog’s eyes and ears.

Trim the nails safely, even if they are black ones.

Clip safely around your dog’s private areas to ensure that it stays hygienic.

Bath and dry your fur baby like your professional groomer does.

Check the paw pads to make sure there is no problem hair and that the pads are not infected.

Clip your dog’s coat safely and make it look cute.

Brush and scissor the ears and tail into creative shapes.

Know the problem areas of your dog and how to safely groom around them.

Find out what grooming tools you will need and how to use them safely.

And Much Much More!


Who This Course Is For

Dog Owners who want to know how to groom their own precious fur baby safely and correctly.

Dog Lovers who are interested in becoming a professional groomer and want to get a low-cost, ‘sneak peak’ at what’s involved.

Interested In Learning How To Groom Dogs?

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