Where are your Dog Grooming Training centres?

Jill has Online courses for you to study at home. Hands-on training is in the Smithfield salon (Cairns) and at DGS Imports, Shailer Park Brisbane

Are you a Puppy trainer?

Jill is a dog groomer and she offers Puppy Grooming classes at her Smithfield salon. It’s for new puppy owners to learn how to take care of their puppy’s coat.

Are you an accredited organisation?

No. Dog Grooming is not a regulated industry, so there is no requirement for government-accredited training. Jill offers a private course and gives a Certificate of Completion for the course.

Are you a grooming salon or a grooming school?

Jill offers BOTH – grooming of small fluffy dogs in the Cairns salon AND hands-on grooming training in the Cairns salon and in Brisbane (every 2 months)

Are you a Business College?

No. Smooch a Pooch is a Dog Grooming Training centre for people who wish to launch a new dog grooming career or business.

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